To Liberty As You Turn 7

Dear Liberty,

What a year you have had! We all have had a few interesting months with COVID-19. I asked you a week ago what you hoped for your birthday, and you said “I don’t know, but I know for Christmas I want this virus to be over!” You want so badly to be able to see everyone again, especially your “Rhondy”.

Turning seven will be leaving part of you behind, your baby teeth (only 1 so far!), your sqeaky little girl voice, you cradling into my arms to read a story, or doing “super cute face” with Adleigh to bake a special treat. With every confident stride you take more of your little girl self fades, it’s bittersweet, but I’m so excited to watch the big girl you are becoming. Even soon one day when you don’t want to hug me in public or roll your eyes at me, I am always in your corner and will catch you as you learn to leave the nest little owl.

You never cease to amaze me. While the whole world seems to be on fire around us you have found comfort in “quarantine”. You have thrived in “learning at home”. You were identified for visions (gifted) at the end of Kindergarten and performed well above grade level when school was in session. You are continuing to learn piano and sewing (you loved making your owl costume), you taught yourself string games, you are becoming a better reader, all while being a great playmate to Adleigh. It warms my heart every morning to pop into the kitchen to see you independently doing your work without being told and then running off to play mermaids with Adleigh. You even wanted to expand your learning and you picked up on three digit addition AND subtraction with regrouping, you love doing “grown-up math”! I’m so proud of you! May you always have a love of learning.

This year you broke out of your shell of dance only by joining musical theater. You performed in the holiday show and gained appreciation of song and dance. You share your brother’s love of “Hamilton”, I love watching you all dance and sing through the house all day long, and what a surprise it arrives a day before your birthday, like it was just for you! May you always have a song in your heart.

You are so determined! I think a lot of people look at you and see a good, quiet, tall and skinny girl, they underestimate your strength. You basically taught yourself to ride a bike, I wanted training wheels higher longer, you wanted them off, and you pushed yourself back and forth on the road until you got it. You wanted to be able to jump on the back of dad’s car, we kept giving you tips of starting areas or where to jump from, and you ignored us, confident in YOUR way, just as learning swimming, piano, or anything, no matter how many times you didn’t make it, you just kept going, and then you soared little one! Life is going to throw a lot of challenges your way. Maya AngeLOU said: “You may not control all the events that happen to you, but you can decided not to be reduced by them.” May you choose your battles wisely and always carry your strength and determination.

You are the girl of a thousand faces. I love to take pictures of you! You are the only one I don’t have to tell how to place themselves, you are a diva in front of the camera (and in life sometimes!) and you have no problem telling everyone how you are feeling. Your independence drives me crazy sometimes, as your Kindergarten teacher always said “She’s everything you want your grown daughter to be”, while your stubbornness is sometimes in opposition of my planning I am often proud of you for standing your ground. I love you exactly as you are. As your favorite shirt says “I Just Really Like Owls, OK?!?!” May you always mean what you say and say what you mean.

You are the girl that took my breath away and melted my heart forever. I wanted a girl so badly and Mal sent me one. You fill me with such joy, an all consuming love. You are loved, cherished, and adored. Little owl girl, I cannot wait to see where you fly!

The only one for me is LOU and LOU for me, so happy together!

Happy 7th Birthday Sweet Lou!



Happy Father’s Day 2020

Happy Father’s Day to the guy who goes on owl walks, sews stuffed animal sleeping bags, and rides all the big coasters! I’m so lucky to share this journey with you by my side!

Enjoying Father’s Day with my new “get up and move” motivational watch and my new mug! You all make being a Father the best job!

Liberty the Champ

Liberty has been battling what I thought was swimmers ear for the past couple days but I had to run her to urgent care yesterday with a bad ear infection. First one for any of the kids!

She was terrified to leave the house because of covid, it was heartbreaking, I thought she was going to have a full blown panic attack. Somehow I was able to calm her down, we were the last patient of the day, and everything went smoothly. She even commented how clean it smelled in the office, a first!

Today she’s in the kitchen baking! Can’t get this girl down!

Last Day of “School” 2020 🤷🏻‍♀️

Well, this year is definitely one for the books. Despite the havoc of COVID the kids had a great year. Canton took accelerated math and was the lead of his school play. Liberty had a lot of growth in math and reading, excelled in her visions class, and made a great friend in Noah. We are thankful for Mrs Pastirik and Mrs Showah, they formed great relationships and were so kind and energetic. We don’t know what next year will bring but we are thankful for all the growth and love.

Last Day of Preschool

Well COVID has certainly changed a lot of thing, for Adleigh it was preschool. She had such a great experience at Co-Op in Mrs Old’s class, she felt so happy and welcome and grew so much! She cried in March when school ended, cried every Friday on their Zoom calls, and sobbed this morning when she rushed down the stairs and asked “Is this my last day of Co-Op?”

The preschool class arranged a drive by of Mrs Old’s house so the kids could wave goodbye and give her the end of the year gift. It was nice to have a little bit of closure in our new normal.

Guess whooooo lost a tooth!

Taco and Burrito, the 2 neighborhood owls, have been hams for the camera lately. During one of our owl seeking adventures, Liberty lost her first tooth! Liberty was excited that Taco was able to watch this event and according to Liberty, Taco had his own “owl camera” to record the whole thing.