Happy 41 Dad!

The years keep going but he’s better than ever! Thanks for being the dad that helps us build fun projects, supports our interests, and works so hard to provide for us! Happy Birthday Dad!

Thanks for a great day at the pumpkin patch, our first ever outing since Covid! Thankful for the girls having short days on Wednesdays and that dad took a half day! The girls were nervous but were sooooooo happy, just over the moon, to feed the birds on the ferry, find pumpkins, frolic the corn maze, and eat fresh ice cream!!! We had the place to ourselves for the most part and it was such a safe and relaxing activity to begin the slow process of re-entry 🙂

Happy Sixth Birthday Adleigh!

Happy Birthday Peanut!

Thanks for the cute Flamingo towel Pap and Janice and the Simone Biles shirt Becky and Ben!

We enjoyed FaceTime with Nanny and Rhonda and Poppy, Grandma, and Beth!

Followed up with a Chick Fila dinner and ice cream cake, which Adleigh did not eat 🙂

Then more presents…