To Adleigh as you turn SIX!

Dear Adleigh,

Happy Birthday Peanut! You are SIX my sweet girl! How is it possible? The baby I loved to squeeze has morphed into a strong, beaming, marvelous six year old!

We have seen so many changes in you this last year. Although we have been stuck in lockdown STILL you learned so much in Kindergarten and part of first grade. I am so sorry the world is the way it is. I can only hope the skills you have learned through all of this will help you make the world a better place for your children. You are a math whiz, you love reading, and I think you have the best handwriting in the whole house! 🙂 You loved your year with Mrs. Allen in K and looked forward to her scavenger hunts and teaching the class all about flamingos! In first grade you are whipping through all your assignments and you often say “Does Ms. Barlow even know that I’m in first grade? I can totally do all of this!” You continue to grow in your compassion and empathy and you always want to please others. There are lots of frustrating things about virtual learning but you get a lot of time to follow your own learning and spend time with Liberty, and that as been magical to watch. I love watching you wave to Canton each morning and scream “Au revoir, Je vous aime!” I am grateful that you and Lou can then walk back into the house and have so many magical moments throughout the day to play kangaroos, pilgrims, ponies, whatever comes to life in your imaginations. May you always be “sisters and best friends”.

You learned to ride a bike without training wheels! You always calm and center yourself before you take off a whisper “stay calm and believe in myself” which is not only the most adorable thing ever but a good reminder of how kids often understand the world better than adults. Adults fuss and complain as we do something that is challenging and you just growth mindset your way through it. May you always have that confidence and belief in yourself.

I am in awe of the girl who wouldn’t let go of mommy and pretty much hated everyone, to the girl who calls out to neighbors to complement their dog or their shirt and tell them all about yourself. You always volunteer in class. You try to find way to comfort Liberty if she gets hurt or misplaces something. You are a beautiful soul who has helped all of us be more patient and laugh just a little bit more.

I love to watch as you flail your little body around as we dance at 12:34 to Hey Ya or September or when you “protect mama” when dad joins in, you have always been my superhero! You eyes are full of magic and gratitude for the beauty that is each and every day. Even as we called it all “Blursday” each day with you is a gift. May you always find joy in the little things.

Adleigh you loved watching Simone Biles in the Olympics this summer! You did each routine with her and were devastated when she couldn’t compete. However, it was a wonderful lesson for all of us to learn that not getting a gold medal is not a failure. She took care of herself and she has much to be proud of and she will always be a hero to you. You loved cheering for the other girls and watching Simone be a good teammate. She faced down a lot of haters to do the right thing for herself. May doing your best always be enough for you, because it will always be enough for me.

I have watched you grow from the crawling baby always trying to go up the steps and pull out every spice in the spice cabinet to the toddler that pulled up every floor vent. Now, I hold my breath as you wolf turn on the balance beam and climb the wall like an Avenger character. Stay strong, stay fierce, you will always leave me breathless.

Adleigh, you are the one that completed our family. Where would we be without your grunty belly laughs and tight hugs? I am blessed each night as we read (favorite = Grover and pigeon), sing (Jolly Holiday), and “huddle close at night”. Keep that love of family. Keep the magic in your eyes. Keep asking questions and keep learning. Keep your empathy and confidence. Keep you happy smile and loving heart.

I don’t know what the next year will bring. Maybe you will still be at home with me (and I’m sure Lou) or maybe you will be off at school without us. No matter what, I know you are ready to show the world what a strong, confident, compassionate girl you are! “You have brains in your head. You have feet in your shoes. You can steer yourself any direction you choose. YOU are the one who’ll decide where to go…”

You are six, you are a miracle, you are a gift.

I am so lucky and grateful to be you mom! I love you peanut!



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