Adleigh’s 4th Birthday Party

What a great day!

The girls were excited to help me decorate and get ready for the day.

Nanny and Adleigh then had a game of shouting “Today is your birthday” and Adleigh would say party.

We enjoyed some good cookout food and then started on the presents. Thanks to Becky and Ben for joining via FaceTime.

Adleigh loved all her presents! She got come cute pony stuff from Beth, and adorable shoes, paw patrol from Poppy and Grandma, a 4 shirt from Becky and Ben, super cute clothes and pony toys from Rhonda, and she loves her new curtains and piggy bank from Nanny. She said her curtains were her favorite present!

We are so thankful to nanny, Rhonda, Poppy, grandma, and Beth for coming. But then, surprise, Pap and Janice rang the bell as we were finishing presents. They came to see Adleigh and brought her a sweet pink bear and money for her bank.

We are so thankful for four incredible years with our peanut. Thanks to everyone for celebrating with us, it means so much we can all be together to celebrate Adleigh.

Happy Birthday Adleigh!

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