To Adleigh as you Turn Four

Dear Adleigh,

You are FOUR!

Four means independence! Four means preschool! Four means using scissors and walking at Busch Gardens instead of riding in the stroller.  Four means less mommy 🙁

It’s so hard to believe you have been a part of our family for four years.  I remember the frenzy of activity before you were born: making sure Lou was completely potty trained (she was), getting the house ready to sell, keeping the house in “show” mode, dad starting his new job, finding a house down here, it was all such a blur, but I tried to cherish each kick and pain because I knew you were the completion of our family.  As hard as it is to believe you are four, it is almost as hard to remember life without you. We needed your silliness, your kindness, your grunty laugh, and your loving spirit. You were the missing puzzle piece that completed our family.

Four also means I won’t get to hear some of the phrases I heard when you were three:

I”ll miss you saying “annoy ya tree” to hang on the magnolia (it IS an annoy you tree!) ; “how many days until gymnastics” and “Look it’s Adleigh Jr” as your try to catch your toad. May you always keep your bravery, strength, and sense of adventure.

I’ll miss you asking/yelling to Alexa each morning “How many days until September 29? How many days until Christmas?” “Alexa, play trip a little light fantastic!” “Alexa, play Happy!” I would watch you dance your heart out! One of my favorites is “Mama, somehow I’m still hungry” when you want a snack. May you always know what you want and not be afraid to ask for it.

I’ll miss you saying “Lou, we are sisters and best friends”. You would say “where are my friends?” when you first got used to Lou going to kindergarten last year. “aaaaaaa tend” when you wanted to pretend with me or Lou” “are we going to read books in Lou’s room?” as we do each night before bed, your favorite right now is The Monster at the End of this Book.  “A 3 and a 5 hugging each other like me and Lou” when you see a 35mph sign or “a 3 and a 5 collect!” “my little pony collectibles!” and time for a “bath boat ride from Liberty!”  May you always keep your love of family.

I’ll miss hearing “Mama, I’m a little scared” before you started preschool.  Because, now you aren’t scared! You love preschool! You love writing your name! You love Ellie and all your friends! You love learning and signing and the tire swing! You love it so much some days you are sad when you don’t go! You are ok without me, and that makes me happy and sad all at the same time. May you always leave your mark on the world and love to learn.

I’ll miss your love! You tell me several times a day, unprompted, “Mommy, I love you!” I love how you will put down your book, a drink, or whatever it is you are doing and say “mama, I want to give you a hug and a kiss.” Often you will say “Tickle me a bunch and a lot!” and I get to hear that all consuming laugh of yours! At night when we snuggle you say “I want to give you three kisses!” Your happiness is so great and you share it so freely. One day you won’t be as affectionate with your mom, but I’m so thankful for every kiss and tickle. May you always share your happiness.

I’ll most miss you saying “Uppie Mama Uppie!” and “I’m going to miss being three” because I’ll miss it too, but I’m so excited to continue to watch you grow and share your light with the world! Thank you for sharing your hugs, your laughter, your bravery, and your love. Mama will always be here for an uppie, just as you lift all of us each day.

I love you peanut!


One thought on “To Adleigh as you Turn Four

  1. Adleigh,
    Very hard to believe that you are 4 already. You have certainly changed in the last year. You have become a very friendly super funny lovable little girl. I must say


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