To Liberty As You Turn 8

Dear Liberty,

You are 8! Birthday number 7 was just the five of us due to covid but I am so glad you get to celebrate turning eight with your number one lady, Rhonda!

What a year it has been for you! I think the first thing to address is just how very much you excelled in school this year! You went from missing over 20 days each in kindergarten and first grade to NOT MISSING A SINGLE DAY this year! You thrived in the virtual environment. You could get stuff done at your own pace and you fell in love with art. You created so many masterpieces this year we are going to need more wall space for all of them. You have turned into such a reader! Now you read to relax or to help you fall asleep (although it usually does the opposite 🙂 You read tons of chapter books, particularly enjoying Mrs. Judy Blume and the world of FUDGE, one of my favorites too! I am so lucky that I got to watch you grow and thrive this year. I loved hearing you yell “I’m on” when you entered your meetings. You learned so much this year about taking responsibility for your own learning, you created your agenda each day and whipped through all the assignments. You were also the only person to finish the DreamBox map, and get the lousy 20 coins. 🙂 You enjoyed meeting virtually with your teacher and classmates. Your favorite was art of course! You even did most of the PE lessons! We are all so proud of you! I am sure next year you will continue to grow and thrive in continuing in the virtual environment.

You also got glasses this year! You have always been able to see the world clearly, knowing exactly what you want. Always continue to stand up for yourself and take a stand when something doesn’t feel right. Keep that gumption! Never be afraid to be the strong girl you are! May you see a world beyond your own full of beauty and waiting for you. Always look for ways to grow and remain curious and gracious. Keep your eyes open to a world of what is possible and a future full of promise.

One of my favorite things about this crazy covid year is watching you with your siblings. Canton would help you with math or you would build legos together or play Star Trek ships. I will miss hearing you and Adleigh wish at 11:11 for the coronavirus to be over and our dancing at 12:34 to celebrate each day. I am so lucky I get to watch you dance every day. I hope you continue to find small but joyous moments each day to celebrate. May you continue to love and support each other, to always be “sisters and best friends”.

You are such a beautiful soul. I love to watch you care for every ladybug, firefly, bird, squirrel, anything that crosses your path you find a way to make it feel cared for. I love that you are a feeling person! Nature, beauty, art, it all stirs your soul, you feel all the feels. I hope you continue to keep your energy, imagination, and kindness for every creature, even the human ones who don’t always deserve it. May you always keep your feeling heart.

You are halfway to 16! I hope you continue to know exactly what you want and who you are as you enter the tween/teen world. It can be unforgiving. But you have such a strong sense of who you are, no one knows how to be Liberty more than you, continue to listen to yourself, embrace your confidence, and honor others with grace and gratitude.

I am thankful as you turn 8 that your hand still fits perfectly into mine and that you still want to hold it, that you curl up on my lap and tell me exactly what you are feeling, that I get to tickle you senseless each night, and that you still hug me out of the blue and say “I love you mommy”. I know those days are waning. As your hands begins to slip through mine know that I will always have your back, and no matter how big those hands grow, you’ll always hold my heart.

No matter how you toss the dice
It had to be
The only one for me is LOU
and LOU for me
So happy together!

I love you Liberty!