Frozen Time

Just the other day I was thinking even though this pandemic has been so hard I feel incredibly blessed to have spent this time with them. I often find myself wanting to freeze time. One thing I had reflected in lately was how long it had been since the girls played dress up. Guess what happened today without my input? Dress up!! It was so nice to watch them be little again! So for today I get to freeze time just a bit 🙂


Mamas and Babies

Adleigh is learning about animal changes and we have learned a lot about how babies are different from their moms. Baby flamingos are born gray, daddy seahorses give birth, and baby koalas eat the poop from their moms because they can’t process eucalyptus.

It was also cool for this mama to continue to watch them all read together at night

They even did PE together!

Yay mamas and babies 🙂