To Liberty as you turn SIX!

Dear Liberty:

My strong, brave, confident, creative girl, you are six! I can hardly believe you have finished your first year of school and will be heading to first grade. Seems as if it was yesterday you shot out of me and I remember thanking Mal for bringing me a baby girl. What a girl you have grown to be!

I was so taken by your beautiful blue eyes and gentle nature I didn’t want to share you with anyone else. But, of my three babies you were the only one that happily went to other people. You have always had a connection with Rhonda and Pap, you love to laugh at crazy Ben, and you were willing to try whatever things Nanny and Becky come up with. It became easier to share you because I know the world needs more strong girls like you.

You tried cheerleading, although it didn’t work out, it led you from gymnastics to ballet. It has been a joy to watch you flourish in dance this year. You beam as you watch yourself in the mirror move around the dance floor jumping, bowing, tapping, and arabesque (ing??). May you always dance like no one is watching.

This year brought the new challenge of school. Your principal had to drag you off the bus on the first day but by the last day you didn’t want to leave. Mrs. Cline was a wonderful teacher, you bloomed under her guidance, moving to a level 9 reading level, reading all the Pete the Cats you could get your hands on. I will miss the stories you would tell me on the walk home, about collecting acorns and leaves, painting with Mrs. Forget, or all the owl books the librian ordered for you when she got to know you. You made a few good friends, especially Ben and Chole. You also worked hard on journalling and drawing. You were even accepted into the Visions program! Not bad for a girl that didn’t want to go to school. I’m glad that you continued to work hard and let everyone know your feelings, even when it was hard. I miss my reading/drawing/cuddle/baking buddy each school day, Adleigh would miss you so much too she would say “Liberty is my best friend even when she’s at school.” School brought out a lot of your curiosity, you frequently say “I want to ask” and then ask some thought provoking question like when is the Earth’s birthday. May you always have the strength and curiosity to ask and seek answers.

We also got a little better control of your allergies and asthma this past year. We still had several doses of prednisone to work through but, as many things in life, it is a work in progress and it is your cross to bear. So days it gets you, but most days you power through. May you always know when to slow down and when to fight.

When you were a baby to toddler it was easy to document changes: rolling over, sleeping through the night, first words, crawling, walking. Now changes are less obvious but just as profound. We can see the growth of your mind and the growth of your heart. You are becoming more YOU, strong yet gentle, confident yet shy, a curious learner, and someone who wants things just so (there’s Mal 🙂 ). You are learning the world can hurt you, but that it can also be a joyous and inspiring place. May you always see the possibilities in the world that I see every time I look into those beautiful (now) greenish blue eyes.

Happy Birthday Liberty!

The only one for me is Lou, and Lou for me, so happy together! I love you forever!

Family Weekend

Rhonda arrived on Thursday evening, on Friday we headed up 95/17/66/81 (ughhh) to see Pap, Poppy, Grandma, and Beth! We had to stop a few times both ways but Liberty did not get sick!! Hooray!

The kids had a great time at Pap’s getting pulled on the wagon behind his new tractor (attached with a screwdriver!! 😜). Rhonda thought her princess was going to turn into a farm girl! 🙂

Later that evening we roasted marshmallows, collected fireflies, and played games as all three kids spent the night at Poppy and Grandma’s for the first time. Adleigh was a little scared to not be in her bed but they all had a great time!

The next day we had a cookout to celebrate Liberty’s birthday. We played cornhole, ate, and Liberty opened some owl presents!

On the way back home we stopped in to visit their Great great aunt Margie! We are so blessed to have visited her, she definitely still has a sharp wit!

And the answer to Adleigh’s question every thirty seconds: yes, we are home now! 🤗