Whoooooo goes there?

For several days we’ve been hearing an owl and the boys have seen an owl in the yard but no chance for a photo. Tonight was our lucky night when a barred owl perched on our backyard fence long enough for several photos. Liberty was ecstatic as we all got to see the owl from inside!

Just before bed our owl friend came back for another visit!

Hoot hoot! Where’s Liberty?

Cheaper by the Dozen

Today wrapped up Canton’s last show of Cheaper by the Dozen at WP. He has grown so much and put in a lot of time and effort. I’m thankful to Mike for taking on a small role and being a huge helper behind the curtain.

They have had practice 5 days a week since September and performed 12 shows! He learned some German and made a good friend in Gabe. I can’t wait to see what Canton does next!

Some very proud sisters and mama!