Election Weekend in DC

We had an amazing adventure in Washington DC! Two days off of school and democracy in the balance seemed like a great time to show them what it all means.

Tuesday was spent checking out, hitting the National Archives, and taking in the Capitol.

Monday’s highlight was going up in the Washington monument and admiring the beautiful sunset!

We drove up Sunday and our first stop was an important one, Great Falls Park. I have lots of great memories here, it was so special to share it with my babes.


Canton and Mike have been working hard since September to produce 14 shows over three weeks of Matilda. Canton is the lead boy, Bruce, and Mike fills several roles as the escapologist and ensemble.

Due to licensing I can’t put any video but here’s a snapshot (Canton has stuffing in his shirt at the Bruce character is a big kid) So insanely proud!

Happy Halloween 🎃 2022

A flamingo, an owl, and a sick teenager 🙁

He’s been working so hard in Matilda, I think he’s worn down, hopefully nothing else.

We did our trick or treating without him, it was a hard parent moment, but the girls had a great time! Lots of compliments on their costumes and those who know them well remembered the costumes from last year. Fun times!

Happy 42nd Birthday Dad!

Happy 42 Mike! You are spending your birthday at the playhouse working on Matilda to help Canton follow his passion. You may miss the wrestling room but you opened your heart to be roped into helping the theatre community.

It has been a tough year for most, but we have made a lot of memories along the way. Thank you for your willingness to lead, support, provide, and grow. We are so thankful for you!