Family Weekend

Rhonda arrived on Thursday evening, on Friday we headed up 95/17/66/81 (ughhh) to see Pap, Poppy, Grandma, and Beth! We had to stop a few times both ways but Liberty did not get sick!! Hooray!

The kids had a great time at Pap’s getting pulled on the wagon behind his new tractor (attached with a screwdriver!! 😜). Rhonda thought her princess was going to turn into a farm girl! 🙂

Later that evening we roasted marshmallows, collected fireflies, and played games as all three kids spent the night at Poppy and Grandma’s for the first time. Adleigh was a little scared to not be in her bed but they all had a great time!

The next day we had a cookout to celebrate Liberty’s birthday. We played cornhole, ate, and Liberty opened some owl presents!

On the way back home we stopped in to visit their Great great aunt Margie! We are so blessed to have visited her, she definitely still has a sharp wit!

And the answer to Adleigh’s question every thirty seconds: yes, we are home now! 🤗

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